Here’s my story:

Who I Am

I’m Amber, a 33 year old from Southern California. I’ve been married for three years now to that wonderful husband of mine (Paul), and we own a miniature dachshund named Woofie, our first “child”, and welcomed a daughter in 2009. We began trying to conceive again in February of 2012, suffered a miscarriage in September, and again in January. Now we’re trying to find our way back to normal.

Where I Came From

I began my blogging life at Weddingbee, as Mrs. Kiwi, which then turned into A Fetal Attraction when we began trying to conceive. You can read about that here, at After trying unsuccessfully for 11 cycles, I felt the need to change sites, as my writing was getting a little too dark and depressing for me at A Fetal Attraction. I moved to wordpress from blogspot, and got pregnant a month later. Thus Ambergontrail was born right before our daughter was conceived.

The Big Posts

You can read about the pregnancy announcement here, titled “Well”. The precursor blog post about how I got to that highest level of TTC crazy is here, titled “It’s Official”, because I had accepted my insanity.  After that, the next big posts are the one where we found out the sex “Baby News” , the one where we find out I’d be getting induced “39 Weeks and Waiting“, the blog post from inside the hospital “In the Hospital” , the birth announcement “Home” and finally, the birth story “My Full Birth Story“. Hopefully after you read those you will start at the very beginning of this blog, and get to know me and my family! Do you have any favorite blog posts of mine? I’d love to know which ones you like best.

This blog is about us, our life and the rocky road we’ve overcome. We will be celebrating our daughter Piper Jane’s third birthday this November.  We’re so excited to continue our lives together with the bumps and bruises that accompany it.

Please enjoy my life, I’ll try to make it interesting for you!

6 Responses to “About Ambergontrail”

  1. Tricia Says:

    Pictures of woofie are necessary for this blog

  2. Anonymous Says:

    tooo kuteee

  3. Heather Says:

    I hadn’t read some of those posts and I loved catching up. Very cool!

    Oh, and I agree – where’s Woofie? :)

  4. lindsay Says:

    I never knew you had a TTC blog… so I just took a peek at it.

    THIS is my favorite post :P

  5. Aubrey Says:

    I haven’t checked in on your blog in a while… I just came by to say that I am SO happy for you and your family! I was following along during your struggles conceiving baby #2 and I am so glad it has worked out. Congrats to your growing family!

  6. I haven’t checked in on your blog in a long time and just learned the news! I just wanted to say that I am very happy for you and your family! I was following along during your journey of conceiving baby #2 and rooting for you. I am so glad it has all worked out – congrats!

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