I guess when people say, “Two kids are more work than just two kids” they are right. You know, “They”. Those mystery people that haunt us with warnings and sayings and curses.

Two kids are more work, true, but two kids are also fabulously awesome. Ellie is now 7 months old. In these last seven months, we have learned cradle cap is a hairy bag of dicks. All of Ellie’s hair fell out after trying to deal with the cradle cap nicely, using the shampoo and a brush to gently brush the flakes away. Well, sometimes doing things the nice way doesn’t work, and you end up picking at disgusting greasy flakes off your baby’s gentle little head, and sometimes those flakes take the hair entirely off her head. That happened. Her hair is JUST starting to come back, hesitantly fluffing about her head, just daring me to try to remove the remaining cradle cap.

This was her hair before:


Then Easter came about and it started looking terrible. The kid was scratched up by her own hands (is cradle cap itchy? It has to be!), and just a wreck.


Luckily we got a few good pictures of them, scratches and weird patchy scalp not included.


The last few months have really whizzed by. I went to the Renaissance Faire with both girls, Ellie was a champ, and Piper rocked it!


Then, we did our first family vacation with an overnight. We went to (as usual) Disneyland for two days. It wasn’t as easy as it was with one older kid, and there was a huge mishap our first day there, which made it a nightmare until about noon (Paul didn’t think my battery needed replacing, but it did, and died at the breakfast place. Luckily we were being joined by Paul’s cousin, who was a huge help), when we were all finally together again. The girls both had a great time.

First, this is when we just got there, I had gotten into line with Piper and Ellie once we heard Aurora was there.


We met Pluto.


The next day we were all, “TODAY IS A BETTER DAY!” Especially after having the previous day end early with Mama getting a migraine, it was hard to NOT be better, you know? Well, then Ellie had a poop blowout during the princess breakfast, and then ANOTHER one as I was changing her, she was just fussy. But it was okay because…






Having Paul’s cousin there was insane for help. He was able to stay with the sleeping baby at one point so Piper, Paul and I could ride. Such a huge huge help.

So yes, we did that. Then, we had a graduation. Piper is going to Transitional Kindergarten at school with Paul! SO EXCITING AND OMG SHE IS A BIG GIRL NOW. Top is June 30th. Bottom is September 6th, 2012. OMG.


Here you can see Piper’s thoughts on graduating.


And this is her self-portrait. I am so proud of her, she has come so far.


Then came graduation day, when I KIND of cried. A little.






And then… it was her last day. Now, I totally sobbed. About everything. And yeah, the graduation was on June 6th, but her last official day was June 30th. Here she is “playing ponies”, her morning routine, since she was the first kid in every day. Her teacher would often put the box of ponies and the one of castle pieces out for her before we got there. One little pony in particular was her favorite, a plain happy-meal style pony, pink and purple with plastic molded wings. I so wanted to trade one of her duplicate My Little Ponies for that guy, for nostalgia’s sake, but Paul told me that was insane. Sooo I didn’t. Still want to.


Piper is now home for the summer with the baby, and Mom is watching them. What a shock when Piper, Ellie AND I came down with hand, foot and mouth disease. FYI, don’t get this shit. My throat JUST stopped hurting and it’s been 11 days. Luckily the girls had mild cases, but it was still agony to see them with fevers and rashes. :(

Ellie and Piper are now roommates. Things seem to be going well, though. Piper is good to go back to sleep when Ellie gets up, and Ellie typically sleeps through the night, with early wake ups. Not too bad at all. We are just starting to get our bedtime routines down, and so far so good.

Piper had her dentist appointment, her first with x-rays and she was a pro. A little freaked out, but she did really well, with no cavities!!


We also got a minivan!


Ellie is now eating solids. She’s pretty iffy on most of them, but some go down very smoothly!


Ellie has turned 6 months.


And we went to the Science Center here.


And we took a boat ride!


Then came the 4th of July.


Matching dresses? YEP. Only made better with a little hat.


Then, Ellie turned 7 months.


Yeah, her eyes are weird.

And to end this update, we have pictures of the girls and I.





And that, my dear friends, is our update. Long time coming. We haveĀ  had an amazing few months, disease and hairloss aside. I really do love parenting these two, they are such great kids. It’s funny, all the things I had forgotten about babies suddenly comes flooding back.

I’ve started sorting the clothes to give away, knowing we will be stopping at two. It’s hard, but it will be nice to finally get some space back, I mean, I have held on to many of these things for upwards of 5 years! Piper has taken to being a big sister like a duck to water. There has been no problem sharing, no behavior problems, and hardly any lack of patience on Piper’s part. Each day she asks for Ellie to sit with her, and she just HAS to hug her when I get Ellie out of her crib in the morning. As for Paul and I, having to kind of start over with babies was a bit of a learning curve, but this time around there is a complete lack of fear. I don’t worry about doing something wrong, because I know things will turn out okay. Heck, we already have one excellent little girl, so I’d guess we didn’t make such poor choices before.

At 7 months, Ellie still has no teeth, no urge to crawl, and is always wrinkling her nose laughing at something Piper has done. She’s doing so well with her bottles, and I am still feeding her exclusively via breastmilk (bottles and nursing). I am so proud of having made it this far, but I seem to have found my rhythm for pumping at work. Luckily I have built up a bit of a freezer stash, which is great as we really needed it last week when hand foot and mouth disease wreaked havoc on my milk supply. Since I had such huge sores on my tonsils, I wasn’t able to eat or drink anything but water for more than two days. I think I literally choked down a croissant and then decided it hurt too much and gave up. Of course, my body needs calories to provide milk, so I really hit bottom then. What a horrible experience that was, but I was so thankful that I had freezer milk to thaw when I had to give Ellie the fresh milk I had pumped that day to get her to sleep because my boobs were drying up. :( Oh well, we made it through and all of us survived. Luckily Paul and my Mom didn’t get it, and I hope it stays that way.

Have you missed us? I am so incredibly sorry to have been gone for so long, but now we’re back.