According to “LMP” (HA, started typing “Lamp”), I am now 28w pregnant. This means not only am I in the third trimester, but I also at at the stage of viability. Meaning, Noelle’s odds of surviving if born now (PLEASE DON’T BE BORN NOW, MY LOVE) are far better than the odds of her NOT surviving.

This is how we look this week.


Piper is a fan of herself. :) Can’t blame her, she’s pretty awesome.

Here is one of just me.


Ever classy with the “I’m in the bathroom at work” shot. I like to keep it real.

Okay, REALLY, I can’t find anyone to take the pictures of me.

In the last few months, we’ve gone to Disneyland together…


(You’d never know it was like, a million grajillion degrees there)

The county fair…


and basically just spent a lot of time together. In the next few weeks, we have some fun times planned for our girl. This upcoming Saturday, Piper and I will be accompanied on an adventure with our great friend, Tina. Tina is the one responsible for 99% of the photos we have on our walls of our family. Usually she lives in DC (TRAITOR!), but will be home for a visit this weekend (And later this year!). We will be getting dropped off at the El Capitan theater for a showing of… The Little Mermaid! Not only is it a beautiful theater, but this will be the second time I saw this movie in this theater, I first saw it here when it came out. Which makes you want to ask, “Amber, how OLD ARE YOU?” Yes, I am old. Anyway, NOW I can bring my daughter to a showing of my favorite movie ever, in the most magical theater ever (Disney owns it, and will have a stage show before the movie and an appearance by Ariel after the showing), and it will be an even BETTER experience than I had, because this time, it’s in 3D! I really hope Piper is okay dealing with the glasses, as well as hoping the glasses on top of MY glasses don’t give me a headache. After the movie, we’ll likely take a stroll next door to the Disney Soda Fountain and factory shop, where we can have a treat and maybe pick up something cute. Since the area is right across from the famed “Hollywood and Highland” intersection, we’re probably going to spend some time looking around, since I told Paul we’re going to attempt another level to our adventure- the LA Subway. That’s right, folks. We’re going to try to take the trains home and hope we A.) Arrive in a timely manner with all members of our party intact and healthy and B.) Do not end up lost in the Garment District like I may have done once previously. I really think a ride on that train would be exciting for Piper, since she’s such an LA girl, never riding any type of public transportation that wasn’t a Disney monorail, tram or train at various amusement parks.

Then, the Friday after that adventure, we will be leaving work/school early to go to… Mickey’s Halloween Party! It’s our favorite time of year, our favorite holiday, and we’re so excited to have our last Disney hurrah before the baby comes. While it’s a separate admission fee, there are 50 various places for Piper to “trick or treat”, as well as 99% of the rides are open and working, and all the characters (And guests!) will be costumed! Not to mention: the free parking (16 dollar savings), the entry to the park three hours before the “party” starts, the supposedly awesome fireworks, the midnight end time, and the little “cavalcade” (too small to be called a parade), and did I mention the candy?? Supposed to be GOOD candy, too. Ghiradellis and all sorts of goodies. Muahaha. CANDY. Sure, after the painful labor day we spent there when my assbone nearly fell out as I hobbled back to the tram, we likely won’t stay until midnight (With or without Piper, there are very slim odds that I can survive that long), but we bought Friday tickets just so we can stay out later than usual and sleep in the next day. See, people. We plan shit. We’re parents like that. I really am excited to go, the Haunted Mansion is set up for Nightmare Before Christmas, which is (seriously) one of Piper’s favorite movies of all time. Hopefully it won’t be nearly as scary as her previous rides on the usual Haunted Mansion, where she promised us she was fine, but then buried her head in Paul’s shoulder whimpering as people gave us the side-eye with a serving of judgment… you know.. because we’re horrible parents who make our daughter the princess come on our favorite rides despite her terror. That’s us.

I’m calling this year “the year of Piper”. Her final year as a single child. It affects me more than I thought it would, to be honest. It’s not even a question a lot of moms have when adding to their family. I don’t doubt I’ll have enough love for both of our girls (!! still can’t believe that). No, I know love has a way of multiplying, not dividing. As a second born, I sometimes question if Piper will remember how utterly cherished she has been these first few years of life. I’ve said it before a million times, our lives were forever and ever bettered because she was born. Words honestly can’t describe how deeply I adore her, how this one girl can make you feel like the luckiest people in the world- just by being herself. I have such great memories of the last (nearly) four years, and it kind of breaks my heart when I think about how fleeting a preschooler’s memory can be. Will she remember her life pre-Noelle? Not that I want her to wish for it back or anything. I just want to know if she’ll remember doing things with her Mom and Dad, those memories. I’m a little scared because I know life can be hard to juggle when you have two kids, and I just don’t want her to ever, ever feel forgotten or pushed aside. I don’t know how my brother felt when I came along, but I know he was younger than Piper will be, so maybe for him it was an easy transition and never had a resentful feeling for me.  Just rambling, I suppose.

This is what has been going on our in lives, lately. As usual, if you miss me and want to see what’s up with us, feel free to find me on Instagram, I am Ambergontrail. I am McLovin. Sorry, I don’t know what made me do that.