Today Piper began her second year of preschool. She was moved from the Juniors group to Seniors, because all the children in “Seniors” will either be going to Kindergarten next September (Not Piper, the cutoff is in September, I believe, and she’s a late November baby) or eligible to be placed into various “Transitional Kindergarten” next year. Piper will be eligible for that, and Paul’s school OFFERS T-K, but we’re still not sure what our plans will be once that time comes.

Other than the new group she’s been placed into, she will have two new teachers. It sounds scarier than it is, since the two main teachers for the Juniors and the Seniors trade off afternoon shifts, so the kids are exposed to all of the teachers throughout the week.

Since her last day back in June, Piper had been excited about being a Senior. She loves school, always has. So, imagine my surprise when at bedtime she was a bit of a bear. She didn’t want to put her jammies on, she didn’t want to go to bed, and once in bed, she called me back to say she didn’t LIKE school. As I walked with her to the potty, I sat down on the folding chair we keep in there (When you have a potty training child you spend a LOT of time in the bathroom), and asked why she didn’t like school anymore. She didn’t have a response, and we began to talk about what will happen at school.
I explained that it’s the same school, same friends, same teachers (pretty much, right?), just that she’d be in the big kids group now. I mentioned some of her classmates by name and said how excited they would be to see her, and she perked up. Then, she asked me… “Will someone get me after school?” I was a bit flummoxed and sad. She thought we’d be leaving her there? I then had to explain that school is her “job”. Like Mama goes to work in the morning and comes home in the afternoon, she has to do the same, only it’s school. I told her someone will ALWAYS pick her up after school, and she will never need to worry about that.

After our talk, she went to bed, and cried a little bit. I covered her with kisses and hoped she’d be okay in the morning. 

Luckily, when I heard, “Moooommy….” coming from her bedroom, and I peeked in, I hoped this meant she was happy. “What day is it?”, she asked. “It’s Wednesday”, I replied. As per the routine, she asked, “What are we going to do today?” Today I hesitantly replied, “Today you are going to school!” That got a cheer and a request that she bring a stuffed animal along in case of a surprise Show and Tell (Gotta love this kid), and she was ready to get dressed. 

Here she is, with her Daddy.


And in comparison, here is the picture of them last year.



This is Piper and I (and baby Noelle photobombing us).


And the comparison shot!



Wow, she has grown so much! This morning, we were (as per usual) the first family in, so Piper ran around to see what was new, and then immediately sat down to play a puzzle. I swiped some sunblock on her face while she sat, kissed her head, and told her I loved her approximately fifteen times, and left. No tears, no “Mommy, please don’t go!”

Another first day of school down. I can’t wait to hear all about her first day as a Senior when I pick her up after school today!

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