So I suck. I left you guys hanging with part 1 out there all, “I’M PREGNANT FOR REAL AND IT’S A BABY!” then never came back. The truth is, part 1 was all typed out and supposed to be JUST ONE ANNOUNCEMENT. Then WordPress got all pissy and was like, “NO! Too much words! No more for you!” and cut me off after that picture.

We went back at 12w for our nuchal scan appointment. And when I say “we” I mean “Me”. Paul has been trapped at work this entire pregnancy and hasn’t been able to be with me for a single appointment. I’m holding what I’m expecting to be our gender/anatomy scan until the second week of August so we can be sure he’ll be available. Anyway, I had the nuchal scan, and as with all scans in every pregnancy I’ve had, I held my breath, not sure what I would see.

Well, I saw this:


Our little baby, measuring not one, but six days ahead at 12w6d. All was well, I had lost a pound, and was just starting to come out of that nausea 24/7 time. I know the nuchal translucency (the area of fluid at the back of the neck) was a lot bigger than Piper’s was (hers was 1.1mm, this new baby’s was 2.4/2.5mm- I can’t remember) which can be a soft marker for Down’s. However, we saw a nose bone (the arrow is pointing to it in the picture) so I wasn’t too afraid, especially when my OB told me, “It’s in perfectly normal range, and your baby is growing like gangbusters!”

However, I panicked a week later when I got the call with the official results from the scan/blood test combo. Odds for Downs were 1:800, and odds for Trisomy 13/18 were 1:36,000. I know they take into consideration your age as well as the scan and bloods, and it’s been 4 years since the last one, but Piper’s odds were significantly higher. I freaked out. I asked my OB what to do. She said she thought they were good odds, and not to worry. I still worried. I thought, “If someone told me my odds of winning the lottery were 1 in 800, I’d think those were pretty great odds, right?” Then I read something else… what if someone told me my odds of winning were 799 in 800? This is a lot better. Hell yes I’d put money on that. They don’t consider it a “positive” scan result unless the odds are 1:300, in which case they offer more invasive testing. So I’m trying very hard not to worry.

I’m now 17 weeks pregnant. Can you believe that? I’m still taking my baby aspirin and all that, and holding on. I think I’m feeling a bit of movement now. which is awesome. I am now weighing what I was when I went in for my first prenatal so my weight is holding strong at total gain/loss of 0. We have switched to Kaiser Permanente as of July 1, and I had my first prenatal with them, and am due for the next on Thursday to go over my blood test results, I think.

It’s kind of bizarre to think that I’m pregnant. if it wasn’t for my belly and my constant anxiety, I wouldn’t even know. I’m feeling pretty well, having a hard time eating because everything just doesn’t sound good, but nothing too bad.

Thank you all for your kind words, I now leave you with my first belly pic. (To follow me on Instagram I’m Ambergontrail, I post belly shots all the time, and Piper pics when I can).Image