This coming Sunday marks exactly one month until Piper starts preschool. During this month we will be going school clothes shopping. This will be the first time we will buy her clothes for school, just the start of another 15/16 years of Back-to-School shopping.  Piper doesn’t really understand that she’ll be going to school in a month, she’s definitely not dwelling on it like I seem to be.

We got the Target “Back to School” catalog in the mail earlier this week, and since my mom and Piper go get the mail together, Piper was quick to snatch it and page through it. As she gave each page a thorough going over, she quickly pointed out which things she would be taking to school. “This backpack, Grammy. I will take peanut butter, too. We used to have these snacks (Annie’s organic bunnies)”.  Piper looked at the crayons and the various art supplies and books that she declared she’d be bringing, too. I realized: this is something she will excel in. Piper is going to LOVE school.

Then I look at pictures on Pinterest of photo ideas of kids going off to school, and I get teary-eyed. My baby! Going to school! How?! She was JUST born, wasn’t she???

Well, her backpack and lunchbox have been purchased, her six pairs of shoes are lined up waiting to be used, lunch ideas are waiting to come into fruition. However, there is one thing keeping us back… her birth certificate. OMG. I forgot to order her birth certificate. I don’t know if it’s a California thing, or just a Los Angeles County thing (seeing as LA is buh-ROKE and needs money any way they can get it), but we were not given a birth certificate. Nope, at her birth we signed up for a social security card, and were told to ORDER her birth certificate. No big deal, we thought, as we filled out the paperwork. Just send it out in three months when the birth had been recorded. Yeah. Almost three years later… WHOOPS.

That means Paul will be hustling on his day off on Monday, running to a notary to get a form stating he’s her father then taking it to the central offices of the County Recorder in Norwalk to hopefully get a same-day copy. If not, maybe we can give the school her social security card and a copy of the birth certificate receipt to hold us over until the certificate comes in? Yeah, only a TEENY TINY panic attack here.

If there is a silver lining to not being pregnant yet, it’s the uninterrupted time with Piper I have. I haven’t had to worry about neglecting her in order to lie comatose on the couch from fatigue, counting on Mickey Mouse to keep her company (which he does so well). Instead of dealing with the horrible nausea I had with her pregnancy while attempting to make her a meal (which would likely make me sicker to smell), I get to create some fun meals with Piper at my side. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am when I change a particularly foul diaper, knowing my sense of smell will be intense. Oddly enough, those are also the times when I think, “Ugh, imagine if she was in underwear instead. GROSS”. No, due to a lack of pregnancy, thankfully my hormones will be slightly more in check (SLIGHTLY, just slightly) when we drop her off for that first day of school. The past few weeks have made me feel great, Piper gets all of me, not part of me that’s sick or exhausted. I get to clamber onto the “big bed” with her and play games instead of just laying there wishing I could be doing more. I mean, I do that enough on weeknights- wish I could be there with her all day. I miss her all the time, even when she’s sleeping.  So I guess you can say that not being pregnant right now is a blessing. I can officially give her all of me before she goes off to preschool where she learns how to share the world with other small people.

That is a silver lining to this “going off into the world” cloud hanging above my head. Now, I’m ready for that baby, God. Whenever you’re ready. Thanks.