Like I said in my last post, I am doing all I can to not focus on what I don’t have, and the days that are passing by so quickly. Now that it’s summertime, and Paul has most weekends free, we’re taking advantage of our family time together. While I did get to enjoy my very first mojito (Wow, so good, but SO STRONG) on Saturday, the weekend was far more exciting because I got to spend it with Paul and Piper, something we usually don’t get to do during the school year.

It seems that Piper is getting better and better with age. That sounds funny, like she’s a fine wine or a type of cheese. Nah, it’s more that every day she grows older and she just understands so much more.

This weekend was one of exciting changes and steps forward. Not only did we go shopping for a toddler bed, but we also got her an IKEA easel!

That’s right, no pants.

The easel couldn’t have come at a better time, because despite her recent love for drawing faces:

She has decided to move on to drawing incredible flowers. For real. I didn’t have anything to do with these.

She drew all of those before we were waited on at the restaurant for breakfast yesterday.

We did a bed test with her at IKEA, trying to think about which one we want in her room, and how we’ll set it up. Whether or not to just get another crib for the next kid, and just turn her current crib into a toddler bed and get another convertible crib for the next kid, OR get a toddler bed for Piper and save the crib for the next kid.  The dilemmas of a hopeful two child family. It’s insane how small Piper used to look in her crib, and now I wonder if she’ll be able to fit any longer. Putting her in the toddler bed made Paul smile, and while I loved how precious she looked in this actual bed, with her head on an actual pillow… it kind of tweaked me inside. Our little baby is turning into a little girl.

Nothing made that as painfully obvious as this picture here, retiring her high chair in favor of a booster seat yesterday for the first time.

Family dinner time.

We’ve been lucky thus far. Piper hasn’t resisted much of anything, she’s fine in high chairs, fine in her crib, just fine in her car seats, totally cool rocking the diaper look. This is what hurts my heart the most, she’s not ASKING for more “advanced” changes. She’s not asking for a big girl bed, nor is she asking for underwear or to sit at the table like Mama and Daddy. Instead we have to introduce these things to her, show her that they’re not scary. We have to kind of push them on her rather than Piper pushing them onto us.

Okay, enough of the melancholy mama.

This summer has had trips to Sprinkles for cupcakes and to try out their new ice cream.

Strawberry sorbet with their “complimentary for kids” sprinkles.

We’ve hung out and colored at Grandpa’s house.

Most gorgeous girl ever

Piper has started requesting “Teapot!” which is Beauty and the Beast. THIS is a Disney Princess we can get behind, one who LOVES TO READ! YEAH, Buddy. This is why we got her the Toddler Belle doll from the Disney Store (that and because they were sold out of Snow White AND Ariel, and I wanted her to have some brunette dolls). Unfortunately, it takes a good half hour to even get to the scene with Mrs. Potts, which is hard for a 2.5 year old to stand, but she can usually ride it out.

Piper and Toddler Belle, BFFs.

Piper seems to get sillier every day. On the way home from taking my mom home Piper can be heard saying, “My bunny! It’s stuck in the tree! Call Bot!” (Team Umizoomi) When I say, “Okay, Piper! I called Bot! He’s on his way!” She’ll reply, “Call Millie! And Geo! And Umicar! Bot is stuck in the tree!” Eventually they’re ALL stuck in the tree, and I need to call “The Fire”. She also does “magic”, which is a little bit of gibberish followed by “Presto!” and then Mama or Daddy or Woofman (Whoever is in her line of sight) “Missappear”.

I’m telling you, this kid is awesome. I don’t know what we did to deserve the kindest, funniest, most loveable little girl in the world, but it must have been good. Every day I’m more in love with her than ever, and judging from the amount of kisses she gives me, I think she feels the same.

You know how you know your kid is awesome? This.

I said, “Say Cheese!” and she throws up the peace sign. Rock on, little one.

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