Paul and I have had an Olive Garden giftcard since December. 7 months of this card taunting us from our “coupons and cards” area in the bookshelf. The last time we had a meal alone was… um… hold on, I’ll remember. Oh, wait! It was June 29th! We went out for Italian food with our friends! Heeeey, not bad! Before that, though, it was months earlier. That meal was after we saw “The Hunger Games” in the theater, if that tells you how far back it was. Paul has been working non-stop during the week as well as weekends since summer began, and since he had this past weekend open, we decided to make use of it by going to see a movie and to use up that gift card.

We arranged to have my mother in law watch Piper, while we saw a morning matinee of “Ted” (Literally guffaw out loud funny). It’s funny, whenever I get out without Piper, I forgetĀ  how to act like a normal human being. I get all amped up and spaz out. It’s like I don’t know how to just be without her. I wouldn’t have to miss her too much, though, as the 7 CHILDREN in the movie were a constant reminder of our little girl back at home. Seriously, there were at LEAST 4 kids under 3, two strollers and a couple of four/five year olds. In an R rated movie. At first the cooing during the opening credits were cute, but when the cooing and giggling and squalling continued through the whole movie, well, yeah. Whatever, it was an enjoyable movie, and at some points I almost peed myself from laughing so hard. I’m so classy.

We headed out to Olive Garden (I love their salads, I am addicted to those salads!) for some quality time alone. We got a lot of quality time, but it wasn’t too alone as there was a 30-40 minute wait to be seated, which meant there was a crowd of people constantly battling for seats in the waiting room. At one point, a little girl was walking out with her family and flicked her candy wrapped trash at us, landing at my feet. She boldly looked me in the eye as I tried not to admonish her. Seriously? We were inside! Who lets their kids DO things like that?

We debated getting dessert or getting a starter and decided to go for the starters (I also had gorged on red vines QUITE a bit before lunch, so sweet wasn’t sounding all that great. Lunch was delicious as always, and tired and stuffed we headed out to get Piper from my mother in law.

Since we have so little time truly alone, I really enjoy those little moments of couple time. I’ve always said that I don’t get sick of him, he’s still my favorite person to be around (not counting Piper), and I want to be around him ALL the time. Seriously! I’m always just wanting to touch him, to lean on him. I’m like a lap dog. Being around him grounds me, though. When I’m with him I’m not upset about not being pregnant, I’m not sad that there isn’t a baby right now… I just want to enjoy him, and I’m just HAPPY to be with him. The best moments of my life are with him, and going on 9 years together, I think that’s a good thing.

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