Last Friday Piper had her belated 2.5 appointment (a lot of offices don’t do 2.5, and I think after her 3rd year she’ll only need to go back for the yearly checkups).  I wasn’t able to go with her, it’s a stressful time at work lately, not to mention I was going to have to leave early that day to pick up Piper and my Mom and take Mom to HER doctor’s appointment. Since Paul had one week off between the end of school and the start of his summer came (which he and a co-worker have started from scratch- and it is BOOMING, I’m so proud), he was the person to take her.

Due to Paul’s OWN work schedule, he hadn’t been to one of her appointments since before she turned a year (I KNOW, right?), so this was fun for him. I was sad, as I was anticipating her needing booster shots and I was so sorry I couldn’t be the one to hold her and console her. I swear, if you don’t have kids who can talk you have NO idea how heart-wrenching it is to hear them cry out and verbalize their pain. It’s something you will never forget.

When Paul and Piper have a Mommy-free day (which they’ve had a lot of this year), they have breakfast together and run a few errands. There’s been Costco runs to get wipes, trips to AAA, visits with cousins, trips to the park. It’s nice for them. That Friday it was a very long AAA trip after breakfast, so long that they ran late for the appointment!

After they finally got there, the appointment was brief. No shots (YAY!), and a confirmation that Piper is a strong, healthy girl.  This is code for “Not skinny, and definitely not bird-boned”. A staggering 75th percentile in weight, which might be her highest yet (I’m trying to check the records as I post this), and a boost to 50th percentile in height! My baby won’t be a squat squarish child!

The doctor said we don’t need to push potty-training on her, but to start broaching the topic more (which we do already), as well as getting another seat for the grown up toilet, as well as the two little potties we already have. She said it’s fine to not have her drinking milk as long as she eats other items with dairy, (and oh boy does she), and that she is perfect.

As if we needed to be told that. Haha.

Here she is, modeling her Daddy’s summer camp shirt for 2012!

I love our girl.

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