That’s what Piper says when she’s finished eating. “All done, Mama.” sometimes this is followed by, “Mama! Get DOWN!” Sadly, this is what she should be saying Friday. Why? As of Friday, Piper will no longer be coming into the office with me.

We have made it to two and a half years, my little sweetheart and I. Two and a half years of days filled with her joyful laugh, and her high pitched voice. I’m very sorry to see it end, but it had to. The office was far too boring for her to be here, a two and a half year old needs so much more to entertain her, to teach her. Also, it was getting too stressful for me with her there, I’m incredibly sorry to say.

The days (Mondays and Fridays) that she would be in the office with me were fraught with anxiety, especially now, as she’s coming into her tantrum phase (did someone forget to tell her the terrible twos were supposed to have started six months ago?) and I just can’t deal with that and be a good employee. It breaks my heart, though. Not getting to give her breakfast, not getting her dressed in the morning. Ugh, my eyes are burning from trying to hold back the tears.

Every time I think about what I’m going to do on our last Friday as co-workers, what lunch to have, I tear up. I miss her already, you know? When she began eating meals better (rather than just having some confetti of bite sized pieces of fruit, veg and proteins from the local salad bar), we started “Pizza Friday”.  We walk to the local pizza place (after calling in our two slice combo), pick it up while chatting with the guys working there, walk back to the office and eat up. It has gotten to be such a routine that when we walk out the door Piper automatically says, “Time for pizza!” It’s cute, it’s tradition. However, there are many other restaurants that have been such a huge part of her life up to now, and I kind of want them all to be able to say goodbye to her, too (and here I go crying again). There’s the people at Starbucks who knew her back before she was even born (“The Starbucks Baby” they call her), the taco place that makes the quesadillas she loves so much, and the Italian place whose owner seemed to have a special spot in his heart for her. Since they were such a big part of her memory here, shouldn’t they get to say goodbye?

Then there are my bosses. They so generously allowed me to bring my child to work day in and day out for so long. They’re like family to her, and the local bank branch misses her when she doesn’t go in for long- because my male boss took her with him every day he went. UGH, this is so hard to write.

As I sat here, thinking of how Friday is going to go, I remembered: I need to clean out her toy storage bin here. I need to take her booster seat and pack it up for the last time. I need to wipe her existence in the office and try to think positively for her, but it’s so hard. I want to be selfish and demand that she never be away from me. It’s ridiculous, but I’ve been spoiled. I spent every waking moment with her for such a long time, that I’m unsure of how it’ll be to only see her early in the morning and when I come home from work. A mere 4 hours a day during the work week. How will I survive??

I’m a sentimental person. I cried when packing up her things in our old office to bring to this new office. I remembered when she took her first steps with me rooting her on, and I remember coloring on our bellies when my work was all done.  I have forgotten so much of the 13 years I have been an employee here, but the memories of Piper are so vivid that I don’t know if they’ll ever fade past recognition.

Oh my. I’m about to leave the world of “Mom working with her daughter” and move to the life of “Working Mom”. I am SO sad.

So possibly cheer me up, pictures of Piper during her life with Mama in the office.

Her very first day here:


And many, many more pictures.



























Pizza Friday

Okay, that’s the last of it. What a life we had for the last 2.5 years, eh? I’ve been so very, very lucky.