Today, Piper is Seven Months Old. SEVEN MONTHS. She’s now passed by her half-year birthday, and is now closer to ONE than she is ZERO!

Since she had lost weight last month, we were advised to come in yesterday for a 7 month weight check, while usually we’d have to go back at 8 months.

Piper got weighed, and has gained 1lb 3oz, and one inch in length in the last month!


It was a quickie appointment (literally: took her in, undressed her, sat her on the scale and left), so I didn’t have a chance to talk to the doctor about her sleeping habits of late. Since I was trying to bulk her up after my brief panic about her losing weight, I was totally okay with getting up twice a night to feed her. Now that I know she okay… well… mommy needs sleep.

Here’s my happy and sated baby, gnawing on her spoon.

Nom, Squash Spoon

Seven Month Update:

* Piper can get completely to her hands and knees and lunges that way for a bit.

* She has crawled four “steps” total, but hasn’t repeated her set of three since.

* She knows how to play peek-a-boo!

* When you are holding her and say “Kisses” she leans over and touches your lips with hers.

* Piper can sit up and roll all over, including sideways into her crib rails

* Girl could not love food any more than she does already.

So far that’s all I have! Happy Seven Month birthday, my little peach.

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